Easy Meatball Sub and Salad Meal

I’ve heard from many parents recently that they’ve cooked more since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic than they have in a long time. Due to changes at work, as well as cancellations of trips, camps and other events, parents and children alike are now spending way more time at home with one another. And, if they’re among the countless families who are opting to eat out less (if at all) nowadays, the parents are also probably cooking a lot more right now. However, despite how much one enjoys cooking, it can be exhausting at times…particularly when the temps outside are rising and so much of our lives seem so different right now.

But, cooking doesn’t have to be exhausting. With a little bit of planning and creativity–and perhaps a little help from loved ones–home chefs can create delicious and easy meals that don’t require them to spend a lot of time working over a hot stove. And, I’m hoping to show you what I mean through my new summer food series. As I mentioned recently, I’ll be highlighting different sandwiches on my blog during July and August.

Some of the sandwich recipes that I’ll share will be based on a meal that is special to my family, while some will come from other bloggers that I know. I’ll also share some suggestions about possible side dishes, such as salads, that I believe will compliment each sandwich. It is my hope that, by the end of August–which is National Sandwich Month–you will have a collection of easy, light and delicious meal options that will serve you well this summer and beyond!

First up is a Meatball Sub sandwich that fellow blogger Kate Kelly likes to make for her family. I was drawn to it because it reminded me of a sandwich that I’ve made a few times in the past for my husband, daughters and myself. I also appreciated how simple it was to make. (She said her daughter could make it on her own when she was only nine years old!)

The short list of ingredients for Kate’s Meatball Sandwich are listed below. Visit her Life of a Ginger site for directions on how to assemble it and to see the pin that will allow you to save it to your Pinterest board. And, while you’re there, take a moment to take a look at the other sandwich recipes she’s posted. You may want to add them to your family’s collection of sandwich recipes, too!

What You’ll Need To Make Kate’s Meatball Sandwich (Six servings)

The only ingredients that I needed when making this sandwich for dinner were a bag of frozen meatballs; a 24-ounce jar of pasta sauce; enough provolone cheese for each sandwich; and six long, narrow bread rolls. FYI, I used turkey meatballs, but you can use another kind if you want. In addition, since I couldn’t find hoagie rolls like the ones in Kate’s recipe, I used steak rolls when I made my sandwiches. By the way, since Kate suggested serving a salad as a side dish, I made one containing spinach, shredded lettuce, and assorted cherry tomatoes and topped it off with a Caesar dressing. The sandwiches and salad were delicious!

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