15-Minute Chicken Teriyaki With Rice

Moms or dads with children enrolled in activities likely spend way more time ordering meals through drive-thrus than they’d like to. The time between the end of their school day and the start time of afternoon or evening activities seems to magically evaporate on even the most planned-out days. Sure, I like to eat delicious meals that require me to dice, shred, sautee or bake multiple ingredients and utilize several pots or pans. However, on some days, preparing a meal like this just isn’t possible. So, I have a list of one-pan entrées I can prepare in about 15 minutes that I can make with a few ingredients and without messing up a lot of cookware…or my nerves.

If this sounds familiar, stay tuned for the collection of quick meals that I hope to introduce over the next few weeks. If you’re a busy parent and have committed to eating better or spending less money on eating out in the new year, you’ll want to follow along as I share the recipes.

One quick meal that I like to make is 15-Minute Chicken Teriyaki With Rice. Chicken Teriyaki is one of my youngest daughter’s favorite dishes. (Translation: She would eat this several times a week if I’d let her!) But, I refuse to take her to a quick-service Asian restaurant every time she craves it and I don’t always have time to make it from scratch either. So, I came up with a way to help her have a meal she enjoys a lot that I could have on the table in the time it would take her to get out of her school clothes and into her rehearsal outfit or dance class attire. I’m sharing the recipe—which could serve up to six people—in case you’d like to add it to your family’s recipe repertoire.

What You’ll Need To Make 15-Minute Chicken Teriyaki With Rice

*Bag of Frozen Asian Vegetables—My favorite vegetable blends contain water chestnuts, baby corn, broccoli, snap peas, carrots, etc.

*Frozen/Refrigerated/Leftover Grilled or Baked Chicken—Use either a 16-ounce bag of (precooked) frozen chicken strips or 1 lb. cubed cooked chicken breast meat.

* Jasmine Rice—Prepare one box of frozen rice (two bags will yield six cups) or three bags of ready-to-heat rice (which will provide six cups).

* Teriyaki Sauce

* Salt and pepper (optional)

How To Make 15-Minute Chicken Teriyaki With Rice

Note: If you’re using frozen chicken, prepare it according to package directions before adding it to the skillet you’ll be using for this recipe.

1.Cook the vegetables in a non-stick skillet on medium high heat for approximately six minutes. Feel free to add a little water to the skillet if the vegetables begin to stick. The steam produced by the water may also help the vegetables cook faster.

2.Add cooked chicken to the pan and stir all ingredients together. Continue cooking on medium until the chicken is lightly browned, stirring frequently to prevent the food from sticking.

3.Once the chicken is lightly browned, drizzle approximately six tablespoons of the teriyaki sauce on top of all ingredients. Stir the contents of the pan for a minute or so to make sure the sauce is mixed throughout. Cover and cook the entree for approximately five minutes on low until all ingredients are blended well. You may also add salt or pepper to taste before covering the skillet if you want.

5.Microwave the rice while the flavors of the entrée are blending in the skillet. Once the rice is finished, plate it. Then, uncover the chicken teriyaki and layer it on top of—or place it next to—the rice.


Here’a close-up of the beautiful dish!


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