How To Make A Fall Wreath

Thanks to my mom–who paints walls AND canvases, as well as creates window decor–I’ve always liked making beautiful things (and making things beautiful). Over the years, I’ve made gift baskets, floral arrangements, Christmas ornaments and Christmas wreaths. I once even made two velvety, gold-painted royal thrones and a standing rose bush for a school play, but that was a huge project that I’m fairly certain will only be revisited through photos and our memories! However, for various reasons, I haven’t done this during the past few years. But, I think that’s about to change. And, I kicked off my craft-making comeback this week by creating a colorful fall door wreath!

Various countries, cultures and groups of people have used wreaths in a number of ways throughout the centuries. They have been given in recognition of a person’s accomplishments; hung by farmers who believed they would ensure a good harvest; displayed at funerals to represent the eternal life the deceased person would have; and placed on stands or tables by Christians of certain traditions to celebrate the beginning of their liturgical year. However, my sole reason for wanting to make one was that I like how they look when they’re hanging on a door and I refuse to buy one at a store because they usually seem to be overpriced.

With that said, I’d like to share with you my process of making the above wreath in case you’d like to make a similar one for your own home.


▪ 18″ grapevine wreath

▪ Glue gun (with several glue sticks)

▪ Ornament hook (or a large paper clip if you can’t find your stash of hooks!)

▪ A bag of artificial maple leaves (I used a small bag that had approximately 24 leaves in it.)

▪ An assortment of adornments (I used 12 gourds, 4 acorns, and 8 squash.)

▪ A roll of colorful, plaid wired ribbon

▪ Scissors


I first laid a piece of black fabric on the floor and placed my wreath on top of it. I did this because I like working on the floor and thought it would enable me to see how the wreath would look, while also protecting my carpet from any debris that might be produced as I was working.

I then began to lay out the leaves on my wreath. I knew they would be attached with my hot glue first and would help me determine where to place the other adornments.

Once the leaves were glued into place, I began to get the other items into position and then used my hot glue gun to secure them.

Next, I wrapped the ribbon around the upper, right-hand side of the wreath and made a huge bow. I glued the loops of the bow to the wreath and then cut the ribbon bottoms at an angle with my scissors.

Finally, I attached the hook (which was actually a large paper clip since I couldn’t find my package of ornament hooks when I searched for them) and hung the wreath on my front door. It was a fun project that has inspired me to complete another one this weekend! What should I make? Maybe I’ll make a curtain for the window next to my front door! If I do, I’ll be sure to write a post about that project, too.

Do you like to make wreaths? If so, take a moment to explore some of the many craft supplies available on if you’d like to create your own version of the wreath I created. (FYI, since I am an Amazon Associate, I will earn income from qualifying purchases if you click on any of the below products and place an order.)

Grapevine Wreath

Maple Leaves

Wired Ribbon




Glue Gun


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