Get Back To Dance This Fall With New Shoes

Are you a theater or dance parent? If so, chances are, the fall session of your child’s fall theater or dance classes has already started or it will be kicking off soon. So, now’s the perfect time to replace your budding performer’s old dance shoes so they’ll be ready when their next recital, showcase or show takes place.

My college-aged daughter recently bought a pair of jazz shoes from Dancewear Solutions and was impressed by the appearance of the shoe, as well as the fit and feel of the shoe when she was dancing in them. (Comfort and performance is of the utmost importance since she was recently hired to choreograph a musical featuring a cast of more than 70 students!) We were also surprised at how quickly they arrived.

I’ve also bought dance shoes for my girls from a company for which I’m an affiliate. (As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.) This site is another great place to turn for shoes for many different types of dance, including ballet slippers, as well as jazz-, tap- and character shoes. So, be sure to peruse the wide variety of footwear featured on Amazon the next time your child is in need of a new pair of dance shoes or boots for your favorite dancer.

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